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TONYMOLY Tony Tint #RedApple
Monday, June 4, 2012 @ 7:23 AM

Bah! Hehe. Hello there. So today I'm gonna show you this good stuff that I bought from TonyMoly last month. Yeah say hello to Mr. Tony Tint! Wohooo!!!Okay so.. about this cute thing, it has 2 colour actually. There is #CherryPink and #RedApple (that's mine). I choose #RedApple cause it's RED! yeah I LOVE RED! really!

Okay there you go.. look at the picture above.. It's me with my red lips. Cool is it? The price is RM29 or something but I bought this with just only RM23 I guess cause I have the TonyMoly members card and It's my birth-month so they gave me 20% discounts. Yay me!Photobucketheh so this is it. I love my red lip tint so much and you should try it too! Toodles 

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